How Well Academy supported a customer with training during a global pandemic.


A customer with a large well stock required well integrity training for their Offshore Production Team. They needed external help with a sustainable solution. Originally planned as classroom training in the early stages of development Well Academy was set a challenge by the customer – how to deliver well integrity training to some 300 offshore OPS team personnel during a global pandemic and in a low oil price environment. A “train the trainer” program was launched and was based on the customer WIMS covering 10 key elements.

  • Well failures, examples around the globe
  • What is well integrity
  • Roles, responsibilities and procedures e.g. handover
  • Christmas trees and wellheads
  • Surface valves and maintenance
  • SCSSSV, ASV and gas lift systems
  • Flow assurance
  • Well start up and shut down
  • Sustained casing pressure
  • General visual inspection, data reporting and anomalies

Key to success of the training was the delivery mechanism to maximise engagement with the learners. Re-designed to work in a virtual environment the training made effective use of high-resolution document camera and 2d models as an alternative to while board and flip chart.

Learner feedback included:

“2d models were really cool”                                  
“good interaction – really enjoyed”