Well Academy first to deliver IWCF Well Control level 5.


History was made in the town of Apeldoorn deep in the heart of The Netherlands. It has taken over 9 years since the Deepwater Horizon accident, one of the worst offshore oil and gas blowouts, but it was ultimately to become a key recommendation made by the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP). What is especially remarkable is that it is not a major oil and gas operator or a drilling contractor that has been the first to implement this recommendation, but it is a small training institute. This training institute may be a small, but its big ambitions has always placed it at the forefront of well control training and assessment.

The training institute is Well Academy and the recommendation they have firmly put their stamp on is well control level 5 training and assessment for engineers and approving authorities involved in the design of wells.

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Well control level 5 is aimed at experienced and knowledgeable delegates who play a critical role in well design and the approval of well designs. What differentiates this program from other well control training levels is that it recognizes the impact that design, planning and programming of well operations can have on well integrity throughout the well life cycle. Well control level 5 will enhance the skills of the well engineers to identify and specify actions needed when stepping outside the normal operating envelope, particularly actions required to maintain well control and integrity.

Well Academy well control level 5 is accredited by the International Well Control Forum (IWCF) and representatives of IWCF attended the first course delivered in Apeldoorn May 2019.