Our experienced coaches have worked globally in a variety of challenging operating environments. On-site coaching is extremely effective in direct performance assurance for non-routine projects, such as High-Pressure High Temperature (HPHT), Extended Reach Drilling (ERD), Decommissioning, etc. Also in starting up a new (stacked) rig with a new rig crew it tremendously benefits in making sure your team ‘hits the ground running’.

Training on site

On-site coaching, mentoring and training helps in assuring that procedures are understood and followed correctly. Our on-site coaching and training services is delivered by experienced and qualified experts and is tailored to specific needs of the project, the team and the individual. Emphasis can be placed on rig-site training as and where required. Training delivery is enhanced directly through on-site application, which makes it project- and rig-specific and therefore adds immediate value to your project and crew competence.

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